Two New Air Jordan Shoes Will Be Released Soon

Two models in the Air Jordan is said to be released before long. The two model is the Air Jordan 11(XI) and the Air Jordan 12(XII). A lot of retailer of Nike comment on this news in a short time. They defined these two model is one of sneaker that worthy of expectation. In the year of 2008, Every month except February you could find that Nike release a Countdown Package. Cheap air jordan

The total number that the Jordan Brand released is about eight. And the Air Jordan 11 and the Air Jordan 12 is two model gets the most comment from the fans and media, at the same time we pay a lot of attention on these. However, we even do not know the exact appearance or get some pictures from official net. We are fortunately see it in eBay Auction for it release us a pair of the AJ11 in the kids version so that we could predict the pictures of adult version in advance. So we should give our profound appreciation to eBay Auction. From the kids version of the Air Jordan 11, we can see that the new Countdown Package has the black color scheme and the red color scheme. Specially, the red color scheme has various red levels. I think you could choose different red sneaker according to your favor.

The red and black schemes are the most favorite colorway in Nike to date. I suggest that you should keep your attention to the Air Jordan 11 and the Air Jordan 12. these Countdown Package possibly appear on the shelves of retailers’ shops someday when you are flat footed. If it were, you probably miss a good treasure in Jordan Brand 2008. so keep contact with Nike to get more pictures and information about new product released.

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