How Link Building and SEO could improve your business for good

When you market your business to the world, link building and SEO can be extremely beneficial. They expose your business; making it known to search engine users by linking back to your website. These are considered white hat techniques because they follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

If you choose white hat link-building methods, you should see an increase in traffic to your website. Also, link building and SEO can enhance your business for good because they help to increase awareness of your brand and build trust between you and potential customers.

Using link building and SEO techniques that Google’s Webmaster Guidelines consider spammy or manipulative will not be good for business in the long run – these methods include link farming, link schemes, and link exchanges.

This is because once Google’s detection software identifies link farms or schemes, your website will be penalized and you will lose out on traffic from the exposure of link building and SEO. Link schemes may also lead to search engine penalties and can damage your reputation with customers and business partners.

Link building services have many positive effects: link building helps to increase awareness of your brand; link building and SEO can expose your business; link building and SEO can build trust between you and potential customers.

Search engine crawlers, like Googlebot, try to follow the text links on web pages to find other pages with backlinks to rank. There are several link types that search engines use to rank pages, for example, link text (the visible characters of the link), keywords in the link text, link anchor text (the words on your page that are linked to another website), and the context of the link – where it is linking to.

Googlebot doesn’t pay much attention to image links or javascript links because they don’t contain anchor text.

Google’s link scheme guidelines state that “a link scheme is a deliberate attempt to increase your site’s ranking or PageRank by obtaining links from other sites with high PageRank and good link popularity” – in simple terms, link schemes are any attempts you make with the purpose of increasing rankings through link building.

Link schemes include buying links to pass link popularity, link exchanges (or link partner schemes), link farming (where sites are created for the sole purpose of linking to one site), and automated link submission tools.

Using link-building strategies that Google’s Webmaster Guidelines consider to be within the guidelines will help to improve your business for good. White hat link building methods include article submissions, link submissions, blog link building, and contextual link building.

If you’re not sure which SEO link building services and methods are good for business, you’re best working with an experienced SEO provider to get advice on your link development campaign. This way you can be sure that the link-building strategies are likely to benefit your website in the long run.