How Many Times Can You Be Baptized According to the Bible?

Re-submersion implies that an individual was absolved and has encountered another water absolution. Some of the time, such a one just longings getting absolved a subsequent time.

Subsequently, how frequently you experience immersion is as appropriate now as it was in the First Century Church. Re-baptism means that a person was baptized and has experienced another water baptism. Sometimes, such a one only desires getting baptized a second time.

Therefore, how many times you experience baptism is as pertinent now as it was in the First Century Church. Check out here to learn more about baptism.

How many times were Jesus, and his disciples baptized? Is getting baptized a second, or third time even scriptural? Is re-baptism a sin?

Infant/baby baptism is not scriptural. However, click the link to read more about it.

How Many Times Can You Get Baptized?

You could get baptized as many times as you desire. But, is that practice biblical or necessary? In the Bible, you will observe that the key to how many times people got baptized was the teaching they got or believed first.

o, to discover, if re-baptism is biblical, let’s examine what Jesus and the early church did.

John the Baptist came on the scene and baptized all the people. He baptized those from the land of Judaea, Jerusalem, and the surrounding areas in the river of Jordan, (Mark 1:9).

He baptized all, even Jesus and the publicans, except the Pharisees and the lawyers (Luke 7:29-30).

What are the Reasons for Re-Baptism?

If you are initially baptized in accordance with the instructions of the Doctrine of Christ then you should only be baptized once.

However, there are instances in scripture when people experience repeat baptism (Acts 19:1-5).

That was the reason Jesus re-baptized all those John had baptized. John’s baptism was first. He baptized “unto repentance”. But when Jesus came on the scene, he re-baptized everyone (including all his disciples) in River Jordan.

oday, many “Christians” frequently change denominations. Most times these changes require re-baptism.

Sometimes, when a Believer slips back into the “worldly lifestyle” or into his or her former lifestyle (backsliding), then many request rebaptism.

How Many Times Should Baptism Occur?

Nevertheless, are these valid and scriptural reasons for re-baptism?

However, observe that all the people who John the Baptist baptized—with the exception of Jesus Christ—were re-baptized by either Jesus or his disciples (Acts 19:1-5).

Smilarly, all the people who John baptized were later re-baptized according to the instructions of Jesus Christ.

Is It Ok To be Baptized More Than Once?

But none that Jesus or his disciples baptized, later experienced re-baptism by anyone.

If you obeyed the instructions of Jesus Christ concerning your baptism then it’s Ok. You obeyed! You don’t need re-baptism.

He instructed:

“Gye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:

Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.”

Matthew 28:19-20


Re-Baptism is it Necessary?

Do You Still Have Questions On Re-baptism?

If you have not obeyed Jesus’ command to baptize, then you are an ideal candidate for re-baptism in the name: Jesus Christ.

I know that you may also be asking yourself, is rebaptism a sin? The answer is, no! But now that you know, according to the Bible, when and why rebaptism occurs, what are you going to do about it?

Have you put on Christ?

You haven’t put on Christ unless you have put on his name by water baptism.

Consequently, one of the reasons to experience water baptism is to “put on Christ”. And this putting on of him, spiritually, does one thing. It shouts into the spiritual realm that you belong to Him.

Is your water baptism shouting into the spiritual realm that you belong to Christ?

Jesus explains to his disciples how to baptize and why, but he didn’t inform them how many times to baptize.

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Which Apostle Followed This Command?

Did all of the disciples of Jesus disobey him? None of them followed the baptismal formula captured by those verses below.

Check the Bible, for not one disciple baptize anyone saying, “in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost“, (Matthew 28:19).

If they didn’t follow those instructions, did they disobey Jesus?

Is your water sanctification yelling into the otherworldly domain that you have a place with Christ?

Jess discloses to his followers how to purify through water and why, yet he didn’t illuminate them how often to absolve.

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Which Apostle Followed This Command?

Did each of the followers of Jesus resist him? Not a solitary one of them followed the baptismal equation caught by those refrains beneath.

Actually take a look at the Bible, for not one follower purify through water anybody saying, “for the sake of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost”, (Matthew 28:19).

In the event that they didn’t adhere to those guidelines, did they defy Jesus?

They generally immersed saying, the name of the Lord, that is saying, Jesus Christ.

Also you need to know something, He was content with them and how they purified through water individuals of the First Century Church.

Since he endorsed all their evangelist work with supernatural occurrences and healings.

Today, numerous Christians are getting purified through water a second time not on the grounds that the Bible teaches them to but since of their strict affiliations.