What Are Thumbtack Reviews?

There are a few things that are more important than generating leads when it comes to the growth of any budding home service enterprise. No matter if you’re an HVAC expert or a contractor, you’ll need to find jobs to sustain your operations and generate a profit, after all. With that said, several platforms are available that are designed to assist these types of professionals in finding the right clients who require their professional services like Angie’s list reviews. And Thumbtacks is one of them.

In this piece, we’ll cover everything that you need to know about Thumbtacks, from what it is, their pricing system, and how to benefit from its use. Keep on reading if you want to know more about it and see if it will be an excellent fit for your business. 

What exactly is Thumbtack?

Thumbtack isn’t just a flat-headed pin commonly used to fasten pieces of paper to surfaces like walls. It’s also a unique website and mobile application that presents consumers with the opportunity to search for, review, research, and hire desired service providers locally. Beyond these features, it also offers informative guides for handy individuals as well as a means to obtain cost estimates for various kinds of projects.

Importance of online reviews like Angie’s list reviews

These days, the vast majority of consumers tend to perform preliminary searches of goods and solutions on the World Wide Web before committing to any purchases. This is especially true when the services they’re after require the expert to work on or within their respective homes. You’ll want to make sure that the chosen experts are as reliable as they are trustworthy, after all. It is for this reason that many look after online reviews.

The reality is that many consumers trust reviews on the internet in much the same way they make recommendations from people they know. And this increasing dependence will only grow as online technologies continue to evolve. To that end, having many positive reviews will only put a business at an advantage by placing it in a high position on internet searches, allowing it to generate leads much easier than it would have had otherwise.  

How to maximize the use of Thumbtack? 

Thumbtack can be a useful tool in attracting clients and getting your business more jobs. However, having a listing on the platform alone won’t get you the results that you’re after – there are a few things you’ll need to do to get the reviews that you’ll need to reel in prospective customers. Listed below are some strategies that should help you out.

  • Leverage social media. Whether you like it or not, the social media platform is an essential marketing tool that no business can ill-afford to be without. As a business that provides in-home service, you have an opportunity to leverage this digital channel not only to showcase the work you’ve done in the past. But also to engage and encourage your satisfied clients to post a review
  • Send an email after a job is completed. Ending the contact with your clients after completing the requested work is a mistake. Instead, send an email immediately after the completion of a project. Whether you’re an electrician, painter, or landscaper, taking the opportunity to express your gratitude for the business they’ve given you and following it up with a feedback request will make them more willing to write up a review.
  • Incentivize reviewers. Incentives can go a long way in helping you get more Thumbtack reviews. If you think about it, beyond the exceptional services that you offer, you’ll give them value by presenting them with various reward programs. For instance, you can give your clients special promotions or future discounts on services that they may get from you in the future. You can also offer them gift cards for taking the time to give their two cents about their experience with your business. 
  • Respond to all reviews. Whether the feedback is positive or negative, it’s a good idea always to respond to all reviews. Not only will it show both existing and prospective clients alike that you care about their input. But it will motivate them to leave some reviews too.
  1. Avail of reputation management solutions. Reputation management is becoming increasingly common amongst many businesses in this day and age, and it isn’t hard to see why. After all, the image of a business can make all the difference in its ability to attract customers. And by hiring the services of experts, you’ll be able to keep your home service business in good standing and motivate and inspire people to create reviews for you in Thumbtacks.


Thumbtack reviews are an excellent way to reel in potential clients and get more business. When you get right down to it, they build your credibility and reputation. And the more reputable you appear online, the more likely you’ll get hired for a job.